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We’re showing off our creative customers and uses of our stencils
to give you some great ideas for your own home decorating!

plaster stencil chaumont frieze

Angela Perrone Wows with this Chest Makeover

Victoria Creates Peacock Wall Art with Our New Stencil Set

April Carol Turns Plain Metal Doors in to Solid Wood Doors

Holly Kellen Gives a Plain Chest a Total Makeover

Plaster Aspen Trees with Caulk? The Domestic Diva does it again!

Julie McDowell's Creative Art

Harriet Brown's Tree Branch Border

Charlotte Creates an Adorable Sapling for her Daughters Room

Julie McDowell uses our stencil to give a chest a brand new look

Carie Adds Flair to her Room Divider with Vines

Marianne Meyer's Take On Our Plaster Aspen Trees

Pam Eastridge Creates A Cheery She Shed

Skylar Nass Takes her Baby's Nursery to Gigantic Heights.

Victoria's Nasty Chimney Wall Rescue!

Judy Collier Adds A Pretty Stencil Design to her Store Front

Janet Long's Stunning Table Makeover

Jamie Fletcher's Flowering Bedroom Wall

Victoria's Bedroom Make Over that will Thrill you!

Deborah Burnham has a way with plaster stencils

D Starns dresses up an old chest elegantly!

Ann Creates the Look of Antique Cabinet doors

Andrea Delaney adds subtle beauty to her walls

A Cigar Box Idea from Barbara Hill that's just Stellar!

An Exciting Version of Our Plaster Aspen Tree

Anne Now Loves her New Cabinet Design

Sandra Pletcher's gives new life to an old chest in such a pretty way.

Debbie Sharp adds "Wow" to Raised Plaster

The Stencil Artistry of Our Fav Deborah Burnham

Dawn Weiss gives her fireplace the look of stone the easy way!

Colten's high end make over of an old vanity

Rescape.com features our Large Daisy Stencil in a cool way!

A better than "Wow" creation from Catherine Stiteler

An Adorable Project You Don't Want to Miss

Create the Look of Authentic Victorian Ceiling Tiles with a Stencil

A Single Stencil Has Such an Elegant Impact

A Stunning Palm Tree on A Privacy Screen is Crazy Beautiful!

Create an Easy Exposed Brick Wall

A Furniture Make Over that Steals My Heart

How to Stencil A Tile Table Top

Lo Mantaic Creates a Luscious Grapes Wall Design

Julie Cook Creates Stunning Bamboo Walls

Beryl Newell Creates Beauty with Aspen Trees

Use a Wallpaper Stencil to Create a New Floor!

Trees on the Walls Brings the Outdoors Inside

Darla Dawald loves Lizard Texture

Cindy Fultz had a fun idea!

Elegance Doesn't Even Describe this Make Over

Darla Dawald's Creative Wall Treatment

Alexandria Ebersold Gives her Dining Room a Cool New Look!

Plaster Stencils Aren't just for Walls...Jonie McDonald shows you!

Rustic Farmhouse Charm's Beautiful Tree Wall

Dori Bolen Creates Lovely Aspen Trees on Her Walls

Stencils Create Fabulous Designs on Furniture.

Aspen Tree Stencils Fill a Wall with such Beauty!

Rustic Farm House Charm Creates a Stunning Table Make Over

Create a Massively Beautiful Ceiling With Plaster Molds and Stencils

Plaster Stencils with Just Paint are Just Fabulous!

Margaret Tarkington Gives her home a Bavarian Look with Our Stencil

Anna Krause of Collage Design Studio Creates Stunning Canvas Art

Rob Gaetano's Gorgeous Ceiling with Plaster Molds

Julie McDowell's Beautiful Chest with Our Stencil

Barbara Walker Creates a Beautiful Wall Design in Raised Plaster

Amber LeClair's Fabulous Chest Make Over

Alan Ball shows how to create even more texture with plaster stencils

Nicole Kulis Adds Ornamental Beauty in a Unique Way

An Awesome Cabinet Make Over That Takes on Beautiful Elegance

Jeanne Antonio's Aspen Tree Bedroom

Barbara Walker's Beautiful Stenciled Table

Add Drama to Your Kitchen with Natalia Baldo

Never Loose your Suitcase at the Airport Again!

Plaster Stenciling on a 6 Panel Door Creates Unbelievable Elegance!

Add Beauty to Outdoor Furniture with Stencils

An Easy Table Make Over with Plaster Stencils

Julie McDowell does it again with a new Furniture Make Over

How to Give Old Furniture New Life! Here's a Tutorial

Create Stunning Plaster Ceiling Medallions with Plaster Molds

A Whimsical Plaster Tree Design from a Talented Artist

Create an Awesome Ceiling with Plaster Stencils

Julie from the Furniture Painting University Adds Beauty to An Old Cabinet

The Creativity of Chris Rees using Plaster Stencils

Create an Ornamental Backdrop for your Stove with Plaster Stencils

Create Unique Gifts with Plaster Stencils and Thrift Store Finds

Chris Saavedra Gives New Life and a New Purpose to an Old Table

Cast Plaster and Plaster Stencils Create a Magnificent Ceiling Design

Brenda Foster Decorates her Shed with A Wisteria Stencil

Terri Decks Out Her Fireplace with Plaster Stencils

Bill Landers Creates His Man Cave with A Tree Stencil!

When Decorating, Don't Forget the Front Door!

Turn a Cabinet Door in to Wall Art

Create a Focal Wall with Plaster Tree Stencils

Raised Plaster Stencils aren't just for Walls

Carol Herrmann Creates Luscious Wall Art with a Plaster Stencil

A Privacy Wall Doesn't have to be Boring!

Recognize your suitcase instantly at the airport.

Plaster Molds Give New Life to a Plain Headboard

How to Etch Your Mirrors with Stencils

Create Fun Wall Art with Stencils

A Salvage Table Make Over that will Wow You

Ugly Barn Wood Cabinets Turned Elegant. Wait till you see!

Create a Stone Wall where None Exits with our Stone Stencil

Awesome Furniture Make overs with Plaster Stencils

An Amazing Wall with our Plaster Pine Tree Stencil

A Road Side Find Turns in to a Princess Chair with Plaster Stencils

Create Awesome Garden Pots with Plaster Stencils

Michele's Use of Our Stacked Stone Stencil Rocks!

Plaster Stenciled Cattails Create "Nature Lover" Walls

Mave Alft Creates Stunning Wall with Plaster Stencils

Use Stencils to Decorate "For Sale" Items

Subtle Beauty With Plaster Stencils

A Stenciled Stone Wall that's So Cute!

Plaster Stencils for Beautiful Cabinets

Do Awesome Furniture Makeovers with Plaster Stencils

Add Drama to Walls with Plaster Stenciled Trees

Dramatic Walls with our Raised Plaster Aspen Tree Stencil

Plaster Stencil a Realistic Stone Wall

Plaster Stencil Your Doors for Elegance

Plaster Stenciled Grapes Make A Beautiful Kitchen

An Elegant Plaster Stenciled Fireplace

Plaster Stencil a Stunning Back Splash

Plaster Stencil a Ceiling Medallion

A Complete Kitchen Make Over to Wow You

Plaster Stenciled Ceiling To Die For!

Plain to Fancy Plaster Stenciled Chest

Plaster Stencil Your Exterior Doors For an Elegant Entry

A Furniture Makeover You Will Love

Stencils Give A Kitchen Island Beautiful Design

Plaster Mold Adds Beauty to a Staircase

Create a Faux Head Board with Plaster Stencils

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