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Sue Rantzow/Doney is obviously a gal who can’t even begin to think the words “I can’t do this”. 

Rather, she’s someone who thinks of something awesome that she wants to accomplish then sets out to learn how. She’d used etching cream before so that portion of the learning process was over.

Sue bought our Raised Plaster Vine Stencil and knew right away that she wanted to etch this design on her bathroom mirror.

After a few emails back and forth, she had the knowledge she needed to tackle this new project.

As I explained to her, the stencil needs to adhere tightly to the mirror (or glass) so she needed to use a stencil adhesive that she could purchase from the craft store.

Next, she needed to use a credit card, scraper or other flat item to sort of “squeegee”  the openings down to the surface.

Etching cream was applied and left the recommended amount of time by the manufacturer, the stencil removed and then the mirror washed with water to remove the residual cream.

It came out just lovely and Sue is extremely happy with it.


Thank you Sue, for letting me show off your  beautiful mirror! You did a great job!

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