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There are so many surfaces that we don’t even think about decorating, but when it comes to elegance, don’t forget your doors!

I have 6 panel doors in my home and I love raised design. It always reminds me of those beautiful mansions on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles or like the old movie sets back in the 1940s.


I loved having these doors in my home because they screamed for something detailed and wonderful. So I created a series of 3 designs specifically sized for these 6″ x 20″ panels.

Those designs are

Raised Plaster Chaumont Panel Stencil (The one I chose)

Raised Plaster Bay Leaf Panel Stencil

Raised Plaster Leaf Panel Stencil

I used plain joint compound to plaster the design on to the panels, then primed the doors and painted them the same color as the walls.


The look is highly ornate, but rather subdued because of the tone on tone color. Those doors sort of sneak up on you in a way and I’ve watched my guests “discover” the design panels rather than the doors simply “screaming” for visual attention.

They’re elegant, they’re classy, and they are no longer plain.


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