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April Carol loved the security of her metal doors, but she hated the builder grade look.


Before                                          After

Using our WP1 Wood Grain Panel Stencil, she did the main body of the doors. Then for the thinner trim around the door, she used our WT1 Wood Grain Trim Stencil. Priming the door first, April then painted the door a dark orange color as the background for the wood grain.

Once the background color is dry, simply mix your choice of water based wood stain with clear wall glaze, brush over the stencil grain openings, remove the stencil, then use a dry paint brush to blur the grain lines slightly by lightly dragging the brush over the wood grain. Don’t use much pressure here as you won’t want to blend the lines, but to simply blur them just a little.

April was so pleased with the new look of her door and guess what: So am I! Now I’m thinking my metal garage doors could benefit from the same look, giving my home an upgrade!

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