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My home in northern Idaho had very large rooms which gave me the most awesome space for wall and ceiling designs.

As I would lay in bed each morning, I would stare at that expansive ceiling and dream of a beautiful ornamental frame.

So one day, I mapped it out and decided to just jump in and do it!

It was actually pretty easy!

First, I taped off the center of the ceiling with painters tape and then did a sponged light and darker brown frame with paint.


I used our Oasis Mold to cast many pieces (casting more as I needed them) and primed, then painted them with Faux Effects Pewter Metallic Paint. This paint was a little more expensive than you might normally pay for craft paints, but trust me, that one quart lasted me for years! And I love their variety of colors.


For a design in the center and corners, I used our Raised Plaster Floral Medallion Stencil, repeated to create a larger design right in the center then angled it at the corners. I pre-tinted the joint compound with brown paint so that I didn’t have the chore of painting the design later. What a time saver!


Casting a round medallion mold and adding it to the center perfected the design.

Once the pieces were painted and dry, I began placing them around the frame. This is so easy! Simply spread joint compound over the back (about 1/4″ thick), then hold in place for 60 seconds. It’s now there permanently but can be removed in the future if you want.


Pieces were placed around both the inner and outer painted frames.


Looking up at this frame when I woke up in the morning just thrilled me. I tell you, it was sometimes difficult to break myself away from it and actually get up!


The beauty it brought to the room was just amazing.

When I sold the house in 2013, the new owner gushed over this frame and the Raised Plaster Aspen Trees I had done on the living room wall. It honestly helped sell the house!

So don’t be afraid to add raised plaster and cast plaster to your home. It could bring you more joy than you can imagine.

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