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Oh how I hated it! Knotty pine walls and ceiling and I just couldn’t deal AT ALL and couldn’t wait to make it “mine”. So I did!

It started with covering the walls with bead board that I painted cream color. I like the texture of the ceiling with the pine so I painted it the same color as the walls.

A small room just can’t be dark in color so that lovely cream color made it feel much larger and brought light in to the room.

I decided I wanted to wake up to something beautiful so I did a medallion on the ceiling with pre-stamped panels, wood strips, corner molding and a medallion above a large, crystal chandelier.

Long, carefully draped sheer white valences took the place of curtains and gave the room an elegant feeling.

I used the same beautiful floor molding that I did in the rest of the house and crown molding at the ceiling level.

I outfitted the bed with a luscious silk comforter complete with large raised flowers and fluffy white faux fur pillows and throw.

How I love retiring to this room now. It’s just Princess worthy!

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Oh my gosh. When you buy a home in the forest, you’re most likely to get a lot of rough wood and very rustic elements. But that’s not for this girl!

Take the bath for instance:

Rustic is right! Could there be any more wood? Some people just love that, I don’t.
Super rough cedar walls, a nasty medicine cabinet and brick linoleum flooring. Bleck! Well, it was about to change big time!

Though the vanity was solid wood, it just lacked any character at all.

It started with a hand sander and two whole days of sanding those walls with a mask over my face. Then two coats of premium primer to seal all that cedar.

I painted the entire room the same cream color I did in the rest of the house. I love my home being the same neutral wall color in every room. It not only makes it easier to touch up paint because you simply choose semi gloss or flat but it also makes the entire house seem more cohesive. If I want color, I add that in the accessories. I never have to change paint if I decide to change colors.

Check out the lovely molding! I have done that style through out the entire home. It seemed so fitting for a 100 year old home. Don’t you think?

Using the same walnut wood linoleum planks that I used in the kitchen made such a difference. How I hated all that brick from the old linoleum.

I added 1/4″ strips to the doors and drawers of the vanity to give it the look of craftsman style cabinets and then I painted the vanity pale gray. I added long steel pulls so make it look a bit more modern. Shelves were added and painted the same color as the walls.

I faux finished the white Formica vanity top to look like faux white marble and I loved the look.

I’m ripping out the tub this winter and installing a glass enclosed shower with the same finish on the surface so it will all come together beautifully.

My favorite part of re-doing any room is to find just the right accessories. Pick and choose carefully and don’t feel you have to cover every single surface with something. An important thing in decorating is to realize that blank space is just as important as filled space.

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Oh that kitchen…..it was a poor excuse for a place for friends and family to hang out or to even cook a meal in my humble opinion.

The old linoleum was worn and tired, the back splash around the stove was peel and stick plastic and though the cabinets are solid wood and in really great shape, they lacked any character at all.

I began with paint first, taking the stark white to a rich cream color and yanked down that horrible light fixture.

I took those plain cabinet doors off their hinges, cleaned the hinges of the old paint in boiling water to reveal the beautiful and original hinges.
I then created a custom stencil in a grid panel to add texture to the cabinet doors. I loved it! Take a look:
Raised Plaster Country Kitchen Cabinet Stencil.

Once the plaster stenciling was dry, I used my handy air nailer and applied 2″ x 1/4″ poplar strips to the outside edges of each door and drawer. I primed and painted each door and drawer with the same wall color.

New handles came last to create a more modern look.

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My small home is taking on a whole new look!

It began with sanding the 100 year old hard wood floors. They had been covered with carpet tiles that hid all the staples and glue from previous carpeting.

Let me tell you, I spent weeks doing this, thinking that I could re-finish the floors myself. NOT! Once I began to stain, every single sanding mark became like a neon sign.

I gave in and hired a pro and he told me that the reasonable cost came from me doing 90% of the sanding and debris removal.

Now the floors are just gorgeous and I love the history they hold!

The soft shine of the Swedish finish was perfect.

It’s not easy living around moving items from here to there, but it was worth the hassle. Now I’ll not have to worry about these floors again in my life time because I take great care of them.

Next came the fireplace hearth. Simply plain concrete, I needed it to be something more beautiful, so it was faux finish to the rescue! But I also hated that red brick! It for sure, had to go.

I created a stencil that matched the size of the brick and after painting the brick, applied the stencil in just certain areas and create a more raised look by applying joint compound through the openings then did a pale brown color wash over just those bricks. I love the new look!

the faux finish was to crate the look of slab granite and that came out great as well.

Here’s the finished design with the ugly gas heater replaced by a gas stove instead.

I later went back and finished over the new concrete I had to pour to patch a bad place. In this photo, I was still waiting for the new concrete to cure (30 days) before I could paint it.

Create your own brick wall like this with my new Plaster English Brick stencil.

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At this time of life, I made the decision to finally downsize and prepare for my old age. I had a 4000 sq ft house here which was WAY too large for one little woman to take care of. Then I decided to move to New Mexico where I bought an 1800 square foot house. Better, but still more room than I needed.

So I bought a small home back up in the high mountains of North Idaho in 2019 and moved back to the only state that I felt was “home”. In fact, they call it “Idahahome”. Isn’t that cute?

Now, if any of you know anything about me, it’s the fact that I love a project! So watch here as I turn this little mountain home in to a real charmer! One that you will have to drag me out of to get me “gone”.



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It’s a brand new year and if you’re like me, once you take down all of the Christmas decorations and take a look around, you suddenly feel like everything looks so “blah”.

Well, let’s do something about that! This is a great time to take stock of how you would like to change your decor and we can help with plaster stencils for ceiling and walls,

tile stencils for floors and back splashes and painting and plaster stencils for dressing up drab furniture and cabinets.

You can do it!

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Julie McDowell is such a talented artist and aren’t we delighted that she shares her creations in instruction form with us? Check out these two new videos!


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Doing things “Easy” is what I love and you will too when you see the peel and stick moldings at the link below:




Our friend Julie McDowell has started a new Facebook group to teach you painting techniques. Over 12,000 members already and growing!

Learn something new, get great ideas and inspiration. Join today!



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I was absolutely amazed when I saw these incredible peel and stick tiles for your kitchen or bath back splash. Check it out!



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