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Oh that kitchen…..it was a poor excuse for a place for friends and family to hang out or to even cook a meal in my humble opinion.

The old linoleum was worn and tired, the back splash around the stove was peel and stick plastic and though the cabinets are solid wood and in really great shape, they lacked any character at all.

I began with paint first, taking the stark white to a rich cream color and yanked down that horrible light fixture.

I took those plain cabinet doors off their hinges, cleaned the hinges of the old paint in boiling water to reveal the beautiful and original hinges.
I then created a custom stencil in a grid panel to add texture to the cabinet doors. I loved it! Take a look:
Raised Plaster Country Kitchen Cabinet Stencil.

Once the plaster stenciling was dry, I used my handy air nailer and applied 2″ x 1/4″ poplar strips to the outside edges of each door and drawer. I primed and painted each door and drawer with the same wall color.

New handles came last to create a more modern look.

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