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That bathroom needed HELP!

Oh my gosh. When you buy a home in the forest, you’re most likely to get a lot of rough wood and very rustic elements. But that’s not for this girl!

Take the bath for instance:

Rustic is right! Could there be any more wood? Some people just love that, I don’t.
Super rough cedar walls, a nasty medicine cabinet and brick linoleum flooring. Bleck! Well, it was about to change big time!

Though the vanity was solid wood, it just lacked any character at all.

It started with a hand sander and two whole days of sanding those walls with a mask over my face. Then two coats of premium primer to seal all that cedar.

I painted the entire room the same cream color I did in the rest of the house. I love my home being the same neutral wall color in every room. It not only makes it easier to touch up paint because you simply choose semi gloss or flat but it also makes the entire house seem more cohesive. If I want color, I add that in the accessories. I never have to change paint if I decide to change colors.

Check out the lovely molding! I have done that style through out the entire home. It seemed so fitting for a 100 year old home. Don’t you think?

Using the same walnut wood linoleum planks that I used in the kitchen made such a difference. How I hated all that brick from the old linoleum.

I added 1/4″ strips to the doors and drawers of the vanity to give it the look of craftsman style cabinets and then I painted the vanity pale gray. I added long steel pulls so make it look a bit more modern. Shelves were added and painted the same color as the walls.

I faux finished the white Formica vanity top to look like faux white marble and I loved the look.

I’m ripping out the tub this winter and installing a glass enclosed shower with the same finish on the surface so it will all come together beautifully.

My favorite part of re-doing any room is to find just the right accessories. Pick and choose carefully and don’t feel you have to cover every single surface with something. An important thing in decorating is to realize that blank space is just as important as filled space.

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