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Ugh… did I really want to replace this entire wall? Oh heck NO! So I pondered the situation and knew if I could just raise the areas on both sides of the chimney, and minimize it somehow, it just might disappear.

Trees! Yes, trees. I’ve done them in all of the homes I’ve lived in but this was my ultimate and best Aspen Tree Wall.

I added a piece of wallboard to the bottom of the chimney which made that area as thick as the chimney.

I plastered over the brick and that chimney disappeared.
I first used my Raised Plaster Aspen Trees Stencil to create the more background aspens. Then using chicken wire, I created the more forward trees and plastered them.
No more chimney wall in that living room. Everyone who walks in to my home, this is the first thing they see and the comments and dropped jaws have been so thrilling!

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