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plaster_stencil_oxford_panelPlaster stencil oxford panelplaster-stencil-oxford-lee-baer-600plaster stencil oxford panel wall

Plaster Stencil Oxford Panel


Use this stencil to create unique and stunning wall, ceilings and floors.

Design size:

Single stencil 22 1/5″ long by 5 1/4″ tall

Product Description

Try using this plaster stencil to create stunning borders at chair rail height or against the baseboard or ceiling for luscious walls!

My two favorite ideas for this stencil is to completely encase my ceiling with it and to stencil it across the face of my fireplace mantle.

Great as a floor stencil too! Give your outdated linoleum floors a new coat of paint then stencil this design around the edges to create a pretty new pattern with paint.

Seal with 4 coats of clear, non-yellowing polyurethane to make it last and last!