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Plaster Stencil Miniature Tree

Plaster Stencil Miniature Tree


Design Size: Single Stencil 12″ high, 11″ wide

Remember that all of our Raised Plaster Stencils can also be used with paint.

Product Description

Our Raised Plaster Miniature tree stencil lets you create a beautiful and intricate tree design in smaller places, such as cabinet doors, friezes on boxes or used as a wall paper style design.

Stencil Idea:

Use this raised plaster stencil design on the front of your scrapbook then write the names of each family member in gold metallic pen to simulate a family tree.

Plaster stencil this design on each side of a square wooden planter the paint over the entire piece with exterior paint to add a bit of design and elegance to your front porch or deck.

So many ideas!