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Plaster Stencils

Plaster stencils go beyond the typical wall stencil you have always been aware of. Raised Plaster stencils are actually very easy to use and product a raised design on walls, ceilings, furniture and crafts.

If you can frost the top of a cake, you can do it!

Simply tape the stencil to the desired surface, open a bucket of pre-mixed joint compound, then using about a 2″ plastic scraper, scoop some out of the bucket, smear it across the stencil openings, remove the stencil and wha la! There is your raised design in all it’s glory. Now, just let it dry.

I’ve plaster stenciled walls, ceilings, cabinets, doors, planter boxes, craft projects, and even a very large vase.

It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s just so drop dead gorgeous!

Once you try it for the first time, you’re going to be HOOKED just like the rest of us! Why? Because it makes everything so beautiful that you just want to add these raised designs to everything!