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Plaster Stencil Vines of Dover


Plaster Stencil

Design Size:Single Stencil 20″ High 14″ Wide

14 mil mylar


This stencil can be used with common paints or joint compound for raised effects.
The curved styling of this stencil design creates a wildly beautiful wall design.

Lovely when used as an all over, random wallpaper stencil, or trail the stenciled vines over the wall and allow it to cross itself with the repeats.

Consider using this stencil as just a “spot” design on the wall beside a lamp or at one edge of a doorway.

Great as a stenciled vine frieze for central areas as well.

Single Stencil 20″ High 14″ Wide

How to Stencil with Plasters

Whether you are using common joint compound, specialty plasters or even concrete and stucco, the applicaton process is always the same and super easy!

You can actually pre-tint your plaster or joint compound with any water based paint color prior to applying to the stencil. This saves tons of time when you prefer a colored design.

Caution: Always choose the darkest version of the desired color since the final results will be much lighter. Adding too much paint color to the plaster can dilute it so much that you may not get the high profile raise you are looking for. That’s why “The darker the better” when it comes to adding color. The darker it is, the less color you need to add to achieve the desired color.

Step 1. Tape the stencil to the area where you wish to put a raised design.

Step 2. Using a plastic scraper or trowel, spread the joint compound (or other dimensional product) over the stencil openings. Since no wall is ever completely flat, I like to hold larger stencil openings down as I spread the plaster over them. Scrape the openings smooth first, to ensure a nice, crisp image. Now, while the stencil is still in place, you can pile on the plaster for a thicker result if you choose. I tend to do most of mine up to 1/2″ thick to achieve the highest raised design possible.

How do you stencil with plaster? It’s as easy as frosting the top of a cake! Check it out.

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