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Plaster Stencil Victoria’s Roses


Single Stencil 25 1/2″ high x 13 1/4″ wide

Product Description

I can’t help it…. I love the elegance and beauty of rose stencils. Particularly in the dressing room, bedroom or bath. You know, those special places that we ladies tend to think as our escape.

Roses have a connotation of romance, of delicate form, of timelessness. They never seem to go out of style. With the recent resurgence of floral designs in both clothing and home decor, this Raised Plaster Rose Stencil is perfect for updating your home with the pretty florals we crave.

Use this plaster stencil as a repeated and random wallpaper to create the look of soft, stylish roses on the wall. But I have a really cool idea! Plaster it around a light fixture to create a unique and very romantic medallion.