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Judy Leech HoylePlaster-Stencil-New_England-525

Plaster Stencil New England


A beautiful antique styled plaster stencil design that’s perfect as a central, stand alone stencil design or repeated wallpaper.

designDesign Size:

Single Stencil 21″ tall by 18 1/4″ wide

Product Description

I love antique designs of all kinds and this Raised Plaster Stencil has me mesmerized. I can see it being used as a random wallpaper over linen finished walls then detailed with a rich, deeply colored glaze.

But look how great it looks when simply painted over with your favorite wall color. The beauty of just the shadows is breath taking. Great as a central design on doors or even trailed over windows.

Plaster stencils can give you so many looks. Pre-tint the joint compound for colored designs, apply a glaze over the dried design to create the look of antiquing or simply paint over the design with your wall color to create the look of embossed wallpaper.