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Plaster Stencil Life Sized Palm Tree


Palm Tree Stencils are fun! Use with paint or joint compound to create life sized palm trees on your walls.

If you can spread frosting, you can create stunning, life sized palm trees on your walls with this super easy stencil set

Price: (Complete Set) $42.99

Design Size:

All of the stencils you need are included in this set:

Each section goes together easily.

5 stencils create the complete design.

Trunk Base: 5×7″
Repeatable Center: 7×7″
Tree Cap: 4.5×7″
Ornate Top: 5×8″
Large Palm Leaf: 25.5×14″

Product Description

This plaster stencil is majestic and beautiful, and you can make yours as tall as you wish!

iThis stencil is one that is crying to be added to your foyer, on either side of that luscious king sized bed of yours then lit up from the floor with canister lighting……TOTALLY impressive!

Add it to the outside of your stucco home, on your fence in the back yard or around your pool.
It makes one heck of a statement!

Denise Laislo used our Raised Plaster Palm Tree Stencil to create a trio of beautiful palm trees on the arched wall behind her entertainment center. I love the white trees on taupe walls. Beautiful!

Designer’s Tip:

Use just the palm leaf stencil to create an allover palm wallpaper design.