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Plaster Tree Stencils

Plaster Tree Stencils are the biggest visual statement you can make on your walls with a stencil. We have 6 life-sized tree stencils that will create the most impressive walls!

In my former home, I plastered 4 18 foot Aspen trees and one 25 foot Aspen tree on my great room walls. Those trees helped sell my home within just a month!

In my current home in New Mexico, I have plastered 8, ceiling to floor Aspen trees on my wood stove wall. They are the first thing you notice when you walk in to the house and they are always greeted with “Wow”!

Plaster raised trees on either side of your bed, or on eithe side of a doorway. Use them to fill up a corner in a large room by plastering trees on each wall of the corner then having branches cross over to the adjacent wall.
Or do as I did and simply plaster a whole wall of gorgeous trees to create a forest effect.


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