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Plaster Stencil Laureli Frieze


Plaster Stencil

Design Size:

Single Stencil 22 x 15 1/4″


This stencil can be used with common paints or joint compound for raised effects.
Once I saw this stencil plastered I just had to have it in my office! At 22″ wide and 15 1/4″ tall this stencil design creates a dramatic border that really gets your attention!

I plastered it then painted the design in brilliant gold for an ornate look that is getting gasps from neighbors and friends. Now they all want me to do their rooms as well! I added cast plaster medallions between some of the repeats for even more detail (as if I needed any!). Adding this stencil to the corners of the ceilings is also an option you don’t want to ignore.

Single Stencil 22 x 15 1/4″

How do you stencil with plaster? It’s as easy as frosting the top of a cake! Check it out.