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Plaster Stencil Floral Medallion


Large and beautiful! This plaster floral medallion stencil creates exquisite ceilings and walls. Let the stencil do all the work!

Design Size: Single Stencil: 22 1/2″ x 14″

Product Description

The most stately mansion would simply blush at this stencil design! Arches of flower petals and leaves surround a central flower in this great design!

Plaster stencil it on your bedroom door to signify the “Queen’s Private Quarters”. Plaster it above a doorway or over your fireplace for a focal point to wow your guests. So many ideas for this stencil design that you’ll be finding places all over the house to use it!

I used this stencil in the large ceiling design I did in my master bedroom. It came out awesome! I created an inner and outer frame with paint then plastered this floral medallion stencil repeated in the center to create a large design. I then plastered it in the corners facing toward the center design. Next came plaster pieces from my plaster molds to create a highly ornate ceiling design!

See how Tammy Hamby used this stencil around her ceiling fan to create a much more beautiful ceiling.