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Plaster Stencil Fiesta Wallpaper


This plaster stencil creates a modern tile design that’s super easy to repeat.

Single Stencil: 22 1/2″ x 15″

Product Description

A little more modern and certainly an interesting stencil pattern. I love the thought of using this plaster stencil to create a raised back splash design above my kitchen counters. It also lends itself well as a raised plaster stencil on furniture and cabinet doors.

What about doing your entire ceiling in it then painting over it in very pale blue paint to create a completely luscious and interesting embossed ceiling design. Think about it! The options are just endless with this one!

Stencil idea:

Wallpaper stencils are all the rage on the fronts and sides of furniture pieces such as dressers, planter boxes and desks. Give your furniture a new, updated look with our great wallpaper stencils