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Plaster Stencil Fantasy Grass


A fantasy style grass stencil that is beautiful wallpaper stencil design.

Design Size:

Single Stencil: 22″ x 9″

Product Description

This raised plaster stencil can be used with joint compound, specialty plasters or paint. It’s up to you!

Vine it everywhere, use it as a randomly repeated wallpaper stencil design or as a single element stencil over and around doorways and windows.

Our Raised Plaster stencils are laser cut of 14 mil, super heavy duty mylar that will hold up to repeated uses!

It’s easy to use any central stencil design as a wallpaper design by simply repeating it randomly over the wall surface.

The intensity of the final wallpaper design depends on how closely you place the stencil elements. Completely cover the wall by allowing each repeat of the design to actually touch one another, or space them farther apart for a more subtle wallpaper look.