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Plaster Stencil Cottage Stone

Plaster Stencil Cottage Stone


Create realistic country looking stone with this unique stencil design.

Stencil Design size:

Single Stencil: Single Stencil 21″ x 16″

Product Description

Easy to repeat! Turn your walls in to very realistic, rustic stone with this Cottage stone stencil.

Pre-tinting the compound (click the link above to see how and what to use), saves tons of time! Simply pre-paint your wall the color you wish your “grout” to be, use the stencil in different directions and occasionally, flip and use the back side to break up the pattern beautifully!

You can do your stones in any colors you choose! Varying colors within the pattern make it even more realistic. For instance, some stones in shades of various browns, some in more golden tones and some in shades of creams.