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Plaster Stencil Canterbury Frieze


Plaster Stencil

Design Size:

Single Stencil 20 x 4″


This stencil can be used with common paints or joint compound for raised effects. This pretty plaster stencil, with it’s ornate detailing and tiny flowers make the most breathtaking repeated border! Surround your ceiling or plaster stencil it at chair rail height all the way around the room.
Beautiful when used as a back splash design above your counters in bathrooms and kitchen.

Turn this stencil upside down and put the straight edge against the ceiling! Wow!

Use it as a complete frame around your light fixture or chandelier! Or create square frames of this design on your walls then paint the same color as your wall for romance and elegance.

Single Stencil 20″ long and 4″ high

It grabs your attention right away! Fabulous repeated on a headboard or stenciled over a doorway or window. One of my favorites!

How do you stencil with plaster? It’s as easy as frosting the top of a cake! Check it out.