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Plaster Stencil Bradford Frieze

Plaster Stencil Bradford Frieze


Design Size:

Single Stencil: 22″ x 16″

Product Description

Plaster stencils are so easy to do! Click the “How To” section to see our tutorial!

Our Raised Plaster Bradford Frieze stencil is a large, unique stencil design that makes a lovely ceiling or corner element!

Want to make a very large ceiling medallion out of it? Simply plaster this stencil repeated end to end in to a large diamond shape. It’s fabulous!

This stencil is also a great one for the front of your fireplace, the sides of your Armoire or plastered on to wooden or Terra Cotta Planters out on the deck. Totally impressive!

Great as a repeated wallpaper stencil.