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Plaster Stencil Sunflower


Single Stencil: 15″ high x 9 1/2″ wide


Sunflowers have always been one of our most popular designs. They evoke “cheer” and introduce color to otherwise drab rooms.

Use this sunflower stencil design as an all-over wall stencil or as a central frieze on just about anything you want to add a delightful design to.

Stencil idea:

Flower stencils such as this can easily be turned in to much taller versions. Simply put masking tape over the stem of the stencil to mask it off. Now, use masking tape on the wall to create very tall stems by outlining the stem size with masking or painters tape.

Apply joint compound between the taped sides and remove the tape immediately.

Now, use the flower head of the stencil to top off the design and use the leaves to repeat down the stem.


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