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Plaster Stencil Standard Brick


Create the look of real bricks with this easy to use plaster stencil

Design Size: Single stencil 16 1/2″ wide x 10 1/2″ High

Each brick measures 7 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ a 1/2 brick design is included for fill in 1/2 bricks as necessary


Create the look of real brick on walls with this new and fun brick stencil! Paint your surface the color you want your grout to be and pre-tint the joint compound to the color you want your bricks to be and it all goes quickly!

How about adding a new look to your fireplace, a focal wall or add just a few bricks here and there for accent.

Here’s how to create varied color bricks so easily:

Put some joint compound in to a separate container.

Add a bit of two different colors (I used black and rust brown for mine). Take your trowel, plastic scraper or a spoon and just “swirl” the colors together to slightly blend. You actually want to see all three colors (the third being the white of the joint compound).

Now, scoop some of this mixture up and smear it over a piece of cardboard or newspaper as a test. This gives you the opportunity to play a little bit with just how you like yours to look. Now, do the same to the stencil.

I smeared mine in one direction but you can do as you wish. Try NOT to blend the colors too much. Having distinct separation of color makes it totally look real.

Peel the stencil back carefully. Remove any smudges with a Q-tip then let dry and repeat.

Use with concrete and concrete coloring for outdoor applications! This is a technique that can be used on any stone or brick stencil to achieve awesome results!

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