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Plaster Stencil Repeatable Bamboo


Plaster Stencil

Design Size:

Single Stencil: Repeatable stem: 18 3/4″x 7 1/4″, Bamboo top: 11″ x 6 3/4″

14 mil mylar heavy duty


Bamboo has long been a desirable element in decorating for decades and never goes out of style. This plaster stencil features a repeatable stem so you can create bamboo stalks of varying heights and a bamboo top to complete the stalk (if you wish).

Whether you want to create a tropical garden look in the sunroom or an oriental feature wall in the foyer, this design will achieve that look for you. It’s also great to fill the empty spaces on the sides of large furniture pieces or even on your kitchen island.

Our customer Marsha Fox used this bamboo stencil to give her bath a lovely oriental look. Plastering it over lipstick red walls and then painting the design with gold metallic paint gave her just the look she was after.

Single Stencil repeatable stem: 18 3/4″x 7 1/4″, Bamboo top: 11″ x 6 3/4″

Plaster stenciling is EASY! Simply smooth pre-mixed joint compound over the stencil openings, to create the raised design, remove the stencil and allow the design to dry. Paint after it’s dry or add paint colors right to the compound to save a step.


Can be used with just paint if you prefer a painting stencil instead.

Raised designs are EASY with our beautiful stencils!

Use common joint compound (also called Wall Mud). It comes pre-mixed for you in a bucket and is available in the paint section of most home and hardware stores and acts just like frosting.

Just get some on a small trowel or putty knife and spread evenly over the top of the stencil, lift the stencil and there’s the design! It’s a cinch and a total ball! Now just let it dry.

Either paint the color of your wall as a simple raised design or paint with craft or stencil paints.

Joint compound can be pre-tinted if you choose or Color washes can also be done with wall glaze.

Plaster Stencils can also be used with wood putty for raw furniture, venetian plasters, tile grout, portland cement or any other product that dries hard.

Stencil is laser cut of 14 mil, heavy mylar and comes with complete instructions and full color photo of the finished design.
You’re going to LOVE it!

Copyright Victoria Larsen 2014. All Rights Reserved

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