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Plaster Stencil Katherine Border


Plaster Stencil

Design Size:

Single Stencil 2″ x 19″

14 mil mylar heavy duty


Creating designs that will fit right over existing moldings is something we love doing and this is just one of many! Create very ornate moldings in your home easily with this wonderful new stencil design! Because of it’s swirling style, it is the perfect design for very plain furniture, doorways and window moldings as well.

Use it as a border, chair rail level design or encircle the ceiling in it and watch the reactions of everyone that comes to your home. They will think you are a genius!

Due to the unique scrolling of this design, it is necessary to hold it down tightly with your fingers as you plaster. We felt it would destroy the beautiful integrity of the design if we broke it up.

Single Stencil 2″ x 19″

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