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Plaster Stencil Japanese Maple


Single stencil: 12 1/2″ high x 10 1/4″ wide


I’ve always loved the detail and excitement in Japanese Maple Tree leaves and this stencil gives you a lot of style to work with!

This Japanese Maple Leaf Stencil allows you to use it as a raised or painted design on walls as an all over wallpaper treatment, or use it as a singular design on the fronts of cabinets, furniture or doors.

Love what I did with the color? It’s easy to accomplish! Simply put a small amount of joint compound in to different containers then tint each portion with deeply colored craft or wall paints (I used green, red and burgundy for mine).

Spread a little of each color over each leaf opening of the stencil and watch the colors blend and the design come to life instantly! It’s a blast!