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Plaster Stencil Floral Vignette

Plaster Stencil Floral Vignette


Plaster StencilĀ SingleĀ  21 1/2″ x 16″

Product Description

I really want to use this plaster stencil in panels oblong panels that I paint on either side of the wide entrance to my hallway, then plaster this stencil design smack dab in the center.

I saw that done in photos of the Versace mansion and the look was just so impressive!

This large, lovely stencil design can be used anywhere a larger design is needed, such as at the peaks of cathedral ceilings or over high or wide walls, on the fronts of doors, over windows or large furniture pieces. Or use it as a wallpaper pattern with just paint.

Doing any raised plaster stencil is so easy! Click the link below to see our tutorial.

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