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Plaster Stencil Dartworth Tile

Plaster Stencil Dartworth Tile 16 Inch


Single Stencil 16″ x 16″

Heavy duty 14 mil mylar

Product Description

Our Raised Plaster Dartworth Tile Stencil is our most elaborate designs.

Tile stencils allow you to create the look of the old tin ceiling tiles used many decades ago. Try to buy those tin tiles now and you will find a simple 10×10′ ceiling runs in to hundreds of dollars, if not thousands depending on the design.

It’s “single stencil” format makes it super easy to apply and repeat and is perfect for the centers of coffered ceiling openings.

Tile stencils can also be used above or below wainscoting to create a more defined separation and lots of detail! Try repeating it over an entire wall for a Victorian embossed wall paper look. Stunning!