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Plaster Stencil Chaumont Panel


This plaster stencil is perfectly sized for 6 panel doors and furniture applications!

Design Size: Single Stencil 17″ high x 5 1/2″ wide

14 mil mylar

Product Description

Ok, OK, I know….. but I couldn’t help it! I’m such a sucker for acanthus leaves and anything with scrolls. So I design a lot of them. But guess what, if you’re viewing this design, you’re a sucker for them too!

I actually created this design for the panels on my 6 panel doors (and they’re spectacular!) but you can also use it to encase your entire ceiling, frame out a fireplace or use it to dress up cabinets and furniture.
Stencil Idea

Because of the width, our new panel stencil designs are great to use on stair risers to give your plain stairs ornamental design that will knock their socks off!