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Plaster Stencil Chaumont Frieze


A Raised Plaster Stencil that creates the most intense beauty with paint, joint compound or plasters.

Design Size: Single Stencil 15 1/2″ high x 10″ wide

Product Description

I can’t help it. I’m in love with it!

This large frieze plaster stencil creates beautifully intense designs on walls, furniture, ceilings and more. It’s fine detailing works well with a simple glaze application to bring out the detail, or you can pre-tint the joint compound or plaster for highly “slap your face with beauty” appeal.

Stencil Idea

I already know where this stencil design is going to be used. I have very plain bathroom cabinet doors and they need a coat of paint so why not add this beautiful design right to the center.