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Plaster Stencil Chateau Frieze


Plaster Stencil

Design Size:

Single Stencil 15″ x 5″

14 mil mylar heavy duty


This stencil can be used with paint or joint compound for raised effects.This stencil adds ornate beauty to walls, furniture and more!

Single Stencil
Design size: 15″ high, 5″ wide” Single Stencil

I love the styling of this particular stencil design. It can be used as a central design on cabinet doors and drawers, repeated in to a fascinating border or used randomly over a wall for wallpaper effects.

Plaster stenciling is EASY! Simply tape the stencil to the wall. Smear the stenciling openings with pre-mixed joint compound, remove the stencil and let the raised design dry. It’s gorgeous!

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