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Plaster Stencil Charleston Damask


This beautiful, large damask stencil will have you creating the most luscious walls!

Design Size: Single Stencil 21 1/2″ high x 16 1/4″ wide

Product Description

This raised plaster design is fashioned to create a gorgeous damask pattern on your walls when repeated in an offset pattern (meaning to plaster one row, separating the design by the width measurement of the design and then offsetting the next row).

Just beautiful as a central frieze behind your kitchen stove, above a fireplace or on plain doors. Nice and large to cover a whole wall more easily or used as a design for large, odd areas.

Repeated in offset rows, this stencil creates a beautiful damask pattern on walls.

Remember that our raised plaster stencils can be used with paint!

Stencil idea:

Try using this damask stencil on your walls with jonit compound to create a damask wallpaper pattern. Now, use the same stencil design with paint on fabric curtains or drapes in soft, metallic paint colors to give your room a coordinated decor.