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Product Details

Plaster Stencil Bella Medallion


Plaster Stencil

Design Size:

Single Stencil

19 x 12 1/2″

14 mil mylar heavy duty


I can take this single stencil and use it as an all over wall treatment, use it in the center of my concrete floor as an embellishment to wow my guests, repeat it around a light fixture to create on of the most intense ceiling designs or I can use it to apply gold designs all over my darkly colored duvet cover in the guest room.

I can then tape off just portions of the design to use on smaller items such as lamp shades, area rugs or even my dresser drawers.

Where can YOU use a medallion stencil?

This stencil can be used with common paints or joint compound for raised effects. Medallion stencils are my favorite because there’s just so darned much I can do with them!

Single Stencil

19 x 12 1/2″