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Plaster Stencil Bay Leaf Panel


Design Size: Single Stencil 20″ high x 6″ wide

14 mil mylar

Product Description

This modern looking plaster panel stencil was specifically designed for the recesses of 6 panel doors (and I’m adding plaster stenciling to all my door panels!) but it’s also great for repeating around a fireplace, creating a heavy wainscot border around a room or to create an ornate ceiling frame.

What are you going to do with yours?


Stencil Idea

Panel stencils can easily create beautiful wall frames for plaster decor your friends will just squeal with delight over!

Simply repeat the stencil both horizontally and vertically to create a square or rectangle.

Try painting the inside of the frame a coordinating color to the decor of the room then add framed photos inside.