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Plaster Stencil Asher Stone


With this plaster stencil, you can create the look of real stone! It’s so easy!

Product Description

This is a great plaster stencil to work with.

Meant as a full wall stencil, it also lends itself well to back splash applications and floor stenciling.

Price:   $28.99

Design Size: Single Stencil 16 1/2 x 16″

Don’t forget that all of our raised plaster stencils can also be used with wall and floor paints.

To create realistic stone, simply put joint compound in to two different containers and add water based paint to each one (not too much however), and stir.

Apply each color randomgly over the stencil then blend only slightly. You want those differences in color to show through! Remove the stencil and Tah Dah! Real looking stone tiles!