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Plaster Stencil Alexandria Damask

Plaster Stencil Alexandria Damask


This stencil is a great design as a central frieze but what’s cool is that it’s styling lends itself to repeating in to a damask pattern on walls, fabric, drapes, etc.

Design Size: Single Stencil 15″high x 10 1/2″ wide

Remember that all of our Raised Plaster Stencils can also be used with paint.

Product Description

I am thinking of using this plaster stencil design on the sides of the island in our kitchen even though it was designed to be used as a damask stencil.

Stencil idea:

It’s fun and quite stylish to coordinate an entire room around one or two stencil designs.

Stencil walls with one color, then choose a coordinating color using the same, or a complimentary stencil design for pillows or area rugs. Watch the room come to life in a new way!