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Painting Stencil Small Rose Flower Stencil


Single Stencil

11 x 10 1/2″

10 mil mylar.

Reusable over and over


Who doesn’t love rose stencils? This one is HUGE! (Or choose our smaller version above). It’s realistic styling creates a lovely wallpaper effect (especially when you combine it with the smaller stencil for even more lovely interest).

I can imagine a duvet cover and matching pillows stenciled with pale roses and then stenciling a large area rug to match. What a designer bedroom I would now have!

This rose flower stencil is also great in super brilliant colors to liven up a room. Use it as a central design or stencil it randomly all over as a wallpaper design.

Wall stencils are not made for just walls! Use this stencil design repeated over the surfaces of a tired, old dresser, stencil plain curtains or use it as a back splash design in the bath.

Focal walls are all the rage and this stencil design gives that wall a super elegant design.

Try doing it in metallic craft paints which come in just about every color of the rainbow!

Cover a wall quickly by using a small roller instead of a stencil brush. No worries, we send the instructions with the stencil. It’s super easy!
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