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Plaster Stencil Victorian Door Scroll


This plaster stencil is fashioned with scrolls and includes one half of the design on the stencil. Flip and repeat for the full design. Great for furniture, above a doorway, over windows or repeat it in to a fabulous wall border.

Design Size: Single Stencil 16″x9″ (stencil consists of 1/2 of the design. Flip and repeat for full 32″x9″ size)

Remember that all of our Raised Plaster Stencils can also be used with paint.


One of the most versatile stencil designs we have and so much fun! The stencil includes 1/2 of the complete design you see and measures 32″ x 9″ ‘when complete.

Though my original idea was to use this stencil as an “over the door or window” design, people are sending me pictures of it used as a complete (and highly ornate) stencil border, used on the backs of benches, the fronts of closet doors and used in various ways in unique new lay-outs that are truly exciting!

Use this stencil design in an “L” shape by plastering once, then turning the stencil on it’s side and connecting to create a cool “corner” design. Plaster stencil it around your light fixture then plaster stencil the entire inside of the ceiling in it to match!

Tired of that old beat up coffee table in the family room? Plaster the top of it, paint it, scrub in some diluted acrylic paint in a darker color then cover it with a piece of glass for an ornate table that everyone will want! (You can do the same with an old door that is then placed on short plaster columns that you buy for cheap at the craft store!).

My motto now is; “Don’t throw it away! Plaster stencil it!”

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