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Plaster Stencil Swirls Furniture Background


Add modern swirls to your furniture and cabinets with the awesome stencil

Design Size: Stencil Single 9 x 14″ Border: 1/2 x 13 1/4″


How I LOVE this stencil design! With retro 60’s designs back in style, this stencil design not only captures the decorating style of that era, it also adds a modern touch of texture in a repeated pattern that will give your cabinets incredible new “style”.

Complete with a teardrop border, simply plaster the main design in the center of your cabinet door and then use the border around the edges to give the doors a more finished look.

See it’s larger “wallpaper stencil” sister design as well. Our Raised Plaster Swirls Wallpaper stencil can give you matching walls in a larger version of this same design.

Stencil idea:

Furniture stencils are also great for not only crafts but scrapbooking as well. Try using this swirls stencil as a background pattern for photos on scrapbook pages. Beautiful!