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Plaster Stencil Procitta Frieze


This beautiful plaster stencil design has been popular with our professional faux finish artist customers and can go a long way in creating a beautiful finish in your home too.

Design Size: 13 x 10″ and 4 x 4″ Single Stencil


Central designs such as this, lend themselves well to all over repeated wallpaper effects or as a single motif on cabinets, above doorways or repeated in to awesome medallions around light fixtures.

Once you’re done, use the same stencil with paint colors on pillows, curtains and area rugs for a designer look that is unbeatable!

Two designs on one stencil for companion effects.

Try pre-tinting the joint compoud you use to pre-color your wall designs and save tons of time!

Joint compound is water based, therefor it can be tinted with any water based colorant, including wall paint, craft paint, universal tints and heck, even food coloring!

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