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Plaster Stencil Parkland Posey


Lots of detail in this stencil design, with winding vines, tiny leaves and a central blossom gives you the best of nature in this delightful stencil.

Design Size:

Single Stencil: 16″ high x 7″ wide


Use it with joint compound, WoodIcing or even tile grout for a raised design, or with paints of all types

Stencil idea:

Long stencil designs such as this one are packed with options! Repeat them in to a long border at chair rail height, use them as central designs on cabinets and furniture or turn them in to wallpaper stencils by repeating randomly over a wall.


Michelle Cavannaugh used this stencil design on a magnificent curio cabinet make over! I love the way it came out.


See the project here.