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Plaster Stencil Lizard Texture


Reptile skin stencils create the most awesome texture on furniture, walls and cabinets.

Design Size: Single Stencil 16 x 8″


Purchase anything in a store with lizard skin texture and you’ll pay a small fortune for it! But now you can create that luscious texture yourself with our beautiful, and highly detailed lizard skin stencil! Easy to use and repeat, simply place it on the wall (or intended area), smear the openings with joint compound, remove the stencil and wha la! Lizard texture!

Use it on cabinets, furniture, old chests, ornamental boxes or complete walls! The look is fabulous!

Save steps by pre-tinting the joint compound with any darkly colored water based paint. To bring out the detail, once it dries, simply wipe the texture with a darker colored wall glaze, wipe off the excess and leave the deep glaze in the recesses. It’s stunning and so “high end” and expensive looking!

Reptile skin stencils are wonderful when you want to create a high end look on walls and furniture as Deb Oneil Johnson did with these cabinets for one of her clients.

To make the job easier, pre-tint the joint compound to the color you wish the scales to be and then do a darker color wash glaze over the top to bring out even more detail. It looks like REAL crocodile skin.


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