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Product Details

Plaster Stencil Companion Vines


Stencil this easy to use vine stencil with either joint compound (for a raised stencil design) or with simple paints to create a beautiful repeating vine or all over wallpaper pattern.

Design Size:

Single Stencil: 2 Stencil Set

Main vine: 16×9″
Small Element 4 1/4 x 4″


Our Raised Plaster Companion Vines Stencil is fantastic as an all over wall stencil design, spot raised design on any surface or singular element surrounding a light fixture. So many uses!

I thought about using this vine stencil design around my guest bath light fixture in a circular pattern, then trailing the vine stencil down the corners of the walls, using the little companion leaf element just here and there over the wall as if leaves have fallen from the vine.

Stencil idea:

Vine stencils are great for bringing a garden feel to any room.

Try painting the ceiling pale blue, then stenciling vines around the entire ceiling in very pale colors to bring the eye upward and give you a sense of an open ceiling.

Here, Jo used this stencil in a random pattern over her entire ceiling then painted it white. It turned out beautiful!


See the project here

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