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Product Details

Plaster Stencil Bella Corner


A perfect corner stencil for ceilings or walls but use it as a central stencil design for furniture and cabinets.

Design Size:

Single Stencil: 14 1/2 x 10 3/4″


You might think a stencil design created for the corners of rooms or furniture could do nothing else. But here’s the scoop about that! You can do with more triangular stencil designs!

Not only could you place them in all 4 corners of the ceiling, but you could then use the design upright (or upside down) as a central design on cabinetry and furniture.

Flip the design each time you plaster (or paint it) and watch it turn in to a very large and beautiful medallion for the center of your fixtureless ceiling, or create a square out of it by putting the design with the straight bottom on the inside and repeating in to a square frame for walls.

Repeat this stencil in to a beautiful damask by simply plastering a row and then offsetting each row there after.

Stencil idea:

For thicker plaster stenciling, simply apply a heavier layer of joint compound over the top of the stencil openings.

Be sure to remove the stencil right away.

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