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Painting Stencil Sweetheart Vine


Single Stencil

13 1/8 wide by 19 1/8″ long

10 mil mylar.

Reusable over and over



This vine stencil has the most unique styling. With little hearts and curling tendrils. It’s shape makes it an awesome, easy vine to repeat in very creative ways.

Use it to create a little vine vignette above your bed, on an accent wall in the bath or in your kitchen to bring a friendly feel to the space.

Wall stencils are not made for just walls! Use this stencil design repeated over the surfaces of a tired, old dresser, stencil plain curtains or use it as a back splash design in the bath.

Focal walls are all the rage and this stencil design gives that wall a super elegant design.

Try doing it in metallic craft paints which come in just about every color of the rainbow!



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