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Product Details

Painting Stencil Rose Wallpaper


Paint Stencil Stencil

Design Size:

17 1/8 x 11″

10 mil mylar


I love roses….always have and always will. Roses have long been a popular design for walls, fabric, even area rugs and paintings. So bring them in to your home in a lovely way with this unique and stylish wallpaper design.

To create a wallpaper effect, simply stencil it randomly over a wall, keeping repeats close together, yet turned in different directions as we have done. I love the idea of doing it on a cream colored wall with simply pearlescent paint. The design will “glimmer” it’s beauty instead of popping right out at you.

Ah, but it’s not just a wallpaper! It’s also a central design that could be used to stencil pillow cases to match the walls or the center of an area carpet. Just lovely!