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Huge selection of classic stencils for elegant home decor.

Painting Stencil Heather Panel


Single Stencil

17 1/4″ x 15 1/4″

Durable 10 mil mylar


Intense stencil designs just thrill the daylights out of me. Why? Because they instantly create a gasp from people when they are used on a wall or piece of furniture.

For instance, check out this gorgeous Armoire, all dressed up and ready to make your room even more beautiful with it’s detailed styling.

This would be a great stencil for not only walls, but your tired old linoleum!

It’s easy peasy! Simply tape the stencil in place, then using a small roller, roll excess paint off on to a pad of newspapers then roll over the stencil lightly. Un-tape and peel the stencil back to reveal the design.